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Enterprise IT infrastructure has grown unwieldy for many organizations. One solution is to move your workloads to the cloud. But what if you’re not ready to do that yet?

Explore how purpose-built cloud-ready systems can drive out complexity, save millions in costs, improve performance, and ensure a path to the cloud.

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On Premises
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Engineered Systems

The best systems to run your Oracle software at the lowest overall cost.

Oracle Engineered Systems simplify your IT infrastructure and improve database, applications, and analytics performance. They combine software, storage, compute, and networking hardware to save time and IT resources.

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How Cloud-Ready Is Your Infrastructure?

To be agile and connected, businesses are using the power of the cloud. But how ready is your infrastructure to harness that power? Future-proof your on-premises IT so you can move to the cloud with confidence.

Inside Accenture’s Innovation Center

Join us for a virtual tour of the Accenture Innovation Center, where more than 200 customers come to run and test real workloads on Oracle Engineered Systems. Hear the strategies customers are leveraging to prepare for the cloud.

Protect the Digital Enterprise

Data-protection requirements have grown nonstop, with various vendors claiming to protect an enterprise’s data. But most are not doing a good job of addressing critical data-recoverability needs. Learn how to focus on complete database recoverability.

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