Do you need an accountant or an accounting software?

Do you need an accountant or an accounting software?


Accounting Software

With the advancement in technology, much of the work which was earlier accomplished manually is now being taken over by machines and software. Softwares ensure faster completion, accuracy and lesser need for manpower which implies low cost, and owing to these advantages, people have started preferring to use software for different tasks.

One of the debates which has been going on for years now, is that, whether the job of an accountant can be replaced by an accounting software. This post gives a deep insight about what an accounting software can accomplish and will it be able to replace the accountants completely?

Accounting Software: What They Can Do?

Accounting software are not new to the industry and its been many years that we have been leveraging such software to carry out accounting related tasks. With time, these software has evolved as more comprehensive ad exhaustive softwares with enhanced functionality and reduced flawlessness.

The new age accounting software like Quick books can perform a broad array of tasks. Some of the tasks that can be performed by an accounting software Afghanistan include:

  • Perform the repetitive and iterative accounting tasks required on day to day basis
  • Keep a record of all the information entered in the records
  • Reduce the delays between a sale and the generation of its invoice
  • Save time by requiring the accountants to enter the information only once
  • Accurately perform all the calculations
  • Facilitate automatic calculation of GST/QST
  • Facilitate accurate forecasting of accounting related factors
  • Keep the right track of the business’s creditors and debtors
  • Allow automatic generation of pay slips and calculation of monthly payments for employees

Advantages of Using Accounting Software

There are several advantages of using the accounting software including:

  1. The price of buying and using an accounting software is relatively lesser than hiring the accountants to perform the same tasks.
  2. Once all the information that you require is within your reach, then the time taken by accounting software to perform the different calculations and tasks is much less when compared with the manual completion.
  3. The accounting software Afghanistan lets you complete all the accounting tasks very easily and quickly. Thus, using it is much simpler and the results ensure accuracy.

The Bottom Line